Outreach Projects
Connecting with the community and the world

Throughout its history, Don't Be Frantic Computer Servicees has made services available to community organizations and schools at reduced prices, to demonstrate appreciation of the role these groups play in society.

For several years, Don't Be Frantic provided on-site technology consulting to New Traditons Elementary School at no charge, and frequently donated excess equipment to supplement the school's IT infrastructure.

Today, Don't Be Frantic counts among its clients a number of organizations working to improve the lives of children and the community at large, including the Hayward Education Association and the Charlie Guild Melanoma Foundation.

Our newest and most exciting collaboration is with Hacienda San Rafael Ukum in Tekit, Yucatan, Mexico. Along with the local government and school system of Tekit, and the University of San Francisco School of Education, Hacienda San Rafael Ukum is undertaking two major projects: Siyan Ka'an (Mayan for Horizons), a three-week "learn-work-earn" program to provide scholarships and stipends for 20 high-potential middle school students who could not afford to attend high school without support; and Café Ukum, an education center for children and adults in computer literacy and English.

In Summer 2005, Don't Be Frantic configured twelve PC systems donated by the Information Technology Systems group at USF to work in Spanish with software including Firefox and OpenOffice.org. On-site in Tekit, we assisted with acquistion of the computers from customs, basic set-up, and instructed the Siyan Ka'an students on cable connections.

This spring, we are getting 10 Macintoshes ready for shipping to Tekit!

For more information on the Yucatan projects, please read the Project Yucatan Newsletter.

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