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About Don't Be Frantic Computer Services

Hi! My name is Ernest Franic, Jr., and I am the owner of Don't Be Frantic Computer Services.

Since 1990, I've helped countless Macintosh and Windows users solve problems with their computers. From 1998-2002, I worked as a Senior Computer Services Analyst in the San Francisco office of Deloitte Consulting.

Although computers and technology have dominated my professional life, I received a liberal arts education from the University of San Francisco, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in History.

In 2001, I founded Don't Be Frantic Computer Services in an effort to offer my computer skills, and ability to explain technology concepts using ordinary language, to a wider audience.

Businesses, end-users and educational organizations rely on information technology, and with that reliance comes a need for on-site technical support and consulting services. Don't Be Frantic Computer Services aims to meet this need with phone and e-mail support, appointments, and priority response in emergency situations.

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